Just when you thought the World Cup was over ..


It isn’t – not at CCF anyway. Over the past weeks, 6 teams (Jasper; Addidas; Satan; Blue Whale; Crazy Fighters and Spy) have been recruiting and readying for their own great footballing days. The first of these took place last week when Jasper met Satan on the unforgiving surface of a local primary school. The…

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Home Entertainment – CCF Style


There were cheers when the knife wielding assailant fell beneath the blade of his intended victim, the Monkey King, and the silence of shock when the helpful, prosperous lady was revealed as a seedy trafficker, using synthetic sympathy to lure the daughter of her debt-ridden friend into the merciless world of girly bars and prostitution.…

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CCF Satellite School Student of the Year Awards


If the word ‘school’ brings to mind pictures of corridors and crowds, bells and benches, dismiss them all – except the benches. Make those benches wooden and solid, with space for five or six students each. Our Satellite Schools may be rustic – two of them are open-air structures with tin roofs – but what…

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Class Act Came to Visit


For a week and a day just before Water Festival, 25 children at CCF6 got the chance to take part in a week of photography and cross- cultural exchange thanks to the 3 strong team from Class Act who came to visit CCF. Based in San Diego, Class Act’s mission is to foster development of…

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Daycare “Graduates” Take First Steps


“Taking these young children out of the horrors of the garbage dump, away from the abuse or neglect of their home lives, was just the first step. The longer term mission was always to prepare them for a formal education. Today is a special day for CCF. The bridge from daycare to entering the school…

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Linkup for Language


One of the many ways CCF cares for its children is by caring for the training needs of its teaching staff. A major focus of CCF’s educational drive is to give all of its students English language skills. But teaching English is never easy and the task is made even more demanding when it is…

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CCF’s Kids bring home Karate Cups – and medals tool


When Karate comes to mind we tend to think immediately of speed, control, discipline and precision, of the strength and agility needed to move and connect with grace and power. And we think right. Every one of these attributes was on full display at Phnom Penh’s Dr. Moniroth annual Karate tournament, held over 2 days…

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Daylight’s Darkness


A few months ago CCF was invited to contribute a piece to the Lakhaon (Drama) International Festival of Culture 2009, a major arts event supported by the French Cultural Institute. The venue for the Festival was the Chenla Theatre. Recently fully renovated and with seating for 600, the Chenla is Phnom Penh’s and Cambodia’s most…

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Sponsor Wayne Keeton gives CCF6 kids a special space


Victor Hugo once said that; “To learn to read is to light a fire, every syllable that is spelt out is a spark.” If that is true, the sparks are now flying at CCF6 thanks to the generosity of Wayne Keeton, sponsor of Long Chan Dorn at CCF6. She and her friends now relax and…

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