Monkey Dancers on national TV


Everybody loved it. The Monkey Dance, a dance based on a Cambodian legend called the Reamker in which monkeys fight evil, is a specialty of the boys from CCF6. Every time they brought their traditional rendition of the dance to perform on any of CCF’s stages, in front of any audience, be it friends or…

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Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Connects with CCF


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, is proud of its unique approach to the delivery of education. With a growing reputation for its contributions in the fields of science, technology and management it also has a unique approach to involvement and a distinctly global outlook. Its expression of…

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A Morning at the Olympics

Phnom Penh’s Olympic Stadium was the recent site of simultaneous sporting sessions, one serious and the other not-so-serious. In the open sun, teams from state schools assembled to compete in track events while in the shade of the gymnasium organizations large and small, every one of them dealing with children from grim and harsh backgrounds,…

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Karate Teams Do it in Style – Together


Regular or long standing readers of this website will be familiar with the winning streaks which tend to accompany CCF children when they take to the competitive karate mats. At event after event, time after time officials announce victor’s names, raising cheers and applause – nothing raucous or triumphalist of course – from the CCF…

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On Extracting the Melon from Melancholy


This may look like an ordinary watermelon but it’s not. It’s a gift from Borey’s father. Borey is 11 years old. She was forced to stop public school in 2010, as her family were too poor and needed her to work. Their farmland had been pawned to pay for medicines. As the debt mounted, and…

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CCF’s Dancers bring Blessings to Karate


When CCF’s karate kids take to the mats in the higher level competitions they regularly attend, their martial arts abilities are increasingly not the only CCF skills on display. Before the main events, guests of honour are treated to special dances, designed to bring them blessings and good fortune. The invited dancers on these special…

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From Taught to Teacher; Closing the CCF Circles


It’s a warm evening and the noise from the long working day sounds from over the walls but goes unnoticed by the 30 or so youngsters, who sit, new pens and notebooks to hand, in their new school, the 5th of CCF’s satellite schools designed to give those with no or minimal schooling a serious…

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Computers from Scotland grace CCF’s desks


CCF has a multitude of functions and a myriad tasks. It has education to design and conduct, medicine to find and administer, children to care for and family data to record. It has to seek, and find and transmit information and emails, letters and lists and it has to do it all well and fast.…

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Boys in Brazil – CCF at the Homeless World Cup


Just like its bigger and older brother, the Homeless World Cup is a 4 yearly event which brings together football (that’s soccer) teams from across the globe. But these are teams with a difference, their members the very opposite of the multi-thousand dollar wage earners who grace regular national teams. These players are of the…

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CCF External Education: A New Sponsorship Option


CCF External Education (CCF EE) is the new child sponsorship program, launched October 1, 2010. Like the existing CCF child sponsorships, the program is about matching a sponsor and sponsored child, facilitating a growing bond via email and, in the best of scenarios, providing the child with a consistent and trusted “extended family”. These sponsorships…

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It’s Awards Time: CCF Celebrates Success


It’s safe to say that at many an establishment in many a country prize giving days and award ceremonies tend to be valued dearly by the reward recipients but not to be too much loved by many others. Not so at CCF. Here the steady approach of the day of ‘The Party’ saw an equally…

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The Magnificent Seventh – CCF’s Karate Black Belts


At the start of 2009 CCF’s karate training program gained its first crop of Black Belts. As the year headed towards its end our karate kids, sporting belts of all colors, scooped prizes, cups and medals in the round of seasonal competitions which mark the Cambodian karate calendar. In 2010 the tradition of excellence continues…

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