Two CCF Teachers Honoured for Their Great Work


Education the backbone of all the work we do here at Cambodian Children’s Fund. For that reason, we highlight the great work with our Teacher of the Month awards. Through careful consideration, senior leaders of the education team select the teachers based on their creativity, skill and dedication to the classroom. Both these CCF teachers…

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Velcro Industries Gives Boost to Local School


Public schools in Cambodia are often ill equipped with few resources to aid teachers and students in their work. Now, progress is being made thanks to Velcro Industries, which helped turn an old storage room in the local primary school into a modern teacher resource room unlike any other in the area. The room has…

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Why I Love Teaching


At Cambodian Children’s Fund, we encourage students to take on leadership roles within the community. Some of our top students work in the classroom to supplement the education of their classmates. One of our teaching aides talks about what she does in the classroom and why she enjoys it so much. My name is Leak…

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Three Teachers Inspiring in the Classroom


For the past 16 months, the Teacher of the Month awards have been a source of pride and aspiration for the teachers in our schools. The education program is the backbone of everything we do, and the gains we’ve made in the past decade wouldn’t be responsible without the teachers. The Teacher of the Month…

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Gilks Family Opens New Shelter for Children


April 4, 2014 – Cambodian Children’s Fund opened a new shelter this week, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Pete Gilks, his son Ben, and a host of supporters throughout the U.K. Pete, managing director the Phnom Penh-based Asia Pacific Cider Company (Bruntys), is keen to give back to the country…

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CCF Girls Off to National Soccer Tournament


Later this month, teens on the Cambodian Children’s Fund’s girls soccer team will face their biggest challenge on the field yet. The team won their way into the national championships and will be representing Phnom Penh in the tournament that draws the best teams from every province. Competition will be tough, with the best team…

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CCF6 Students of the Year Honored


Forgive us for our lateness. Last week, the 140 students living at our CCF6 facility celebrated the 2012 and 2013 students of the year. The daylong festivities included food, traditional dances, karaoke and capped with a big dance party for all the students. Before the dance party could begin, the most improved, most spirited and…

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From Students to Professionals


These three young women, aged 16 to 18, landed summer internships with a local travel company. This trio preparing for their next big step in life, so it was only appropriate that they were given outfits to wear while in the workplace. The ongoing transformation from impoverished children to independent professionals is a proud moment…

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Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2013


Oct. 22, 2013 – Tuesday was a day that’s been in the making for nearly a decade. While most Cambodian schools don’t have a graduation ceremony to celebrate the outgoing class, Cambodian Children’s Fund organized one of its own to mark the occasion. The event was lighter than the typical Western graduations, with lots of…

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Donated iPads Aid University Students


Oct. 11, 2013 – Universities in Cambodia open later this month for the new school year and the 30 incoming freshman from Cambodian Children’s Fund will be well equipped for the challenge. Thanks to the kindness of donors, all the students have been loaned iPads on a semester-by-semester basis to aid their studies. “I think…

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Class of 2013 Passes National Exam, Prepares for University


For Cambodian students, there’s no bigger test than the grade 12 national exam. Spread over several days, the culmination of a dozen years of schooling tests students’ knowledge in English, history, science, mathematics and more. If one of the 100,000-plus test takers throughout the country wants to attend university, they must pass this national exam.…

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