Let them eat cake: CCF meets the Big Birthday Challenge


Birthdays matter. If there are only a few in your family, keeping track of them can be relatively easy. If you’ve got a big family, remembering them all and ensuring that they are all celebrated properly can be a bit of a headache. If you’re family is huge, like CCF’s, arranging birthday fun on a…

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Rocks in a Soft Place


Among the first images that tend to come to mind whenever one thinks about Cambodia are those of the lush green rice fields, of its rich foliage and high palm trees. This rich vegetation is a product of soil, sun and water. Much of the latter is delivered by the rains – the all-soaking, sky-bursting…

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Community Sense: Party Time at CCF5


CCF is no stranger to hardship and there is no doubt that life in the vicinity of the notorious Steung Meanchey garbage dump is a harsh one. The villages are grim, the work is dire and living environments amongst the worst anywhere. But a hard life does not have to mean a life without fun…

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CCF celebrate the Holiday in style


If you think you might find it a problem to organise a holiday gathering for 15, or a challenge to invite 50 good friends to join you for an afternoon’s entertainment, or maybe just a bit demanding to invite 200 or neighbours round for an evening frolic, spare a thought for those faced with the CCF…

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US Ambassador Carol Rodley Visits CCF


It was a good day at CCF’s Community Centre, CCF5, when US Ambassador Carol Rodley came to visit. Callers for medical treatment and advice were being steadily processed while safe, fresh water being bottled for later delivery to needful households in the local community. Customers for the subsidized rice purchase program came and went and…

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Our Commitment to a Community


CCF is committed to rebuilding futures and bringing new hope to children and families who have been discarded and deserted. The Steung Meanchey community is where so many of our students once lived and worked, and even in times of uncertainty, as the community members’ needs evolve, so will we continue to redefine our methods…

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