Gilks Family Opens New Shelter for Children


April 4, 2014 – Cambodian Children’s Fund opened a new shelter this week, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Pete Gilks, his son Ben, and a host of supporters throughout the U.K. Pete, managing director the Phnom Penh-based Asia Pacific Cider Company (Bruntys), is keen to give back to the country…

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Enterprising Mothers Work From Home

Many of the women in Steung Meanchey have very young babies. They have sent their older kids to school in the day time (which we celebrate and encourage). But this means the mothers must stay at home to care for their adorable infants. These women are industrious and eager to do something to make money…

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Empty Lot Transformed Into New Playground


March 28, 2014 – What was once an empty trash-strewn lot in Steung Meanchey is now so much more. We just opened the doors to a brand-new playground and the reception from the kids has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The only thing they don’t like about it is when their parents make them return home when…

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Community Comes Together for 2014


Dec. 16, 2013 – Several hundred parents attended two open-air meetings to become involved in the future of the community. Modeled after a town hall-style meeting, staff shared information about available resources to the community and the upcoming plans for the next year. Attendees were encouraged to ask questions, share concerns and involve themselves as…

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CCF Kids Create a ‘Happy Home’ for Neighbours


Downtime is precious to many students at Cambodian Children’s Fund, with school, family commitments and other activities keeping the kids very busy. On Sundays, typically a day of relaxation, a group of students spend the day helping those in the community whi need it most. These kids created the Happy Home program all by themselves,…

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Photos for a Lifetime


A lot of the work at Cambodian Children’s Fund revolves around providing the basic needs: food, water, shelter, education and so on. Almost every month there’s a special event at the Community Centre that fosters things not on that list, such as love, pride and family. The old adage of a picture being worth 1,000…

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Welcoming Two New Community Representatives


Sinouen (second from left) and Chantha (third from left) are welcomed into their new roles as CCF community representatives. We talk a lot at Cambodian Children’s Fund about the life-changing transformations of children, but our work is designed to help the entire family – including adults. There will be two new – but familiar –…

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Retirement? This grandma would rather work


This post is by Scott Neeson, founder and executive director of Cambodian Children’s Fund. What we do and what we don’t do: Little Dany here has no parents. She was living in such squalor than even my hardened senses would occasionally cause a wretch. Perched knee-height about open sewage and a small enclosure of ill-looking…

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Happy Khmer New Year: Home for the Holidays


It’s early morning at the Cambodian Children’s Fund facilities and there’s a flurry of activity. Normally students are preparing for class, eating breakfast or playing with their classmates. This time it’s something different. Pickup trucks are full of rice. The vans are full of eager children. It’s the Khmer New Year and more than 1,500…

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TOMS, CCF Students Provide Kids with Shoes


Scores of children eagerly lined up this past week to receive a gift, but it wasn’t a toy, candy or the latest Angry Birds merchandise (a particularly trendy brand here in Cambodia). No, these children from the provinces were waiting to be sized up and given a pair of TOMS shoes. The apparel company gives…

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Suisse Bankers Make a Mark on CCF


The knives were out for 22 Credit Suisse personnel when they came from Hong Kong to visit and work with CCF. The blades were not, however, wielded by politicians or journalists but by CCF dancers, enacting the mythical night battle between Monkeys and Giants in a thank-you performance staged at the end of the visitors’…

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From Hollywood to Cambodia


Our company has organized 2 groups with a total of 94 Talents, to join a volunteering tour to Cambodia these two weeks. We will visit children centre of local charity organizations, to play with the kids, gaming, singing and dancing together, as well as wall painting in a new school campus. Some new-joined Talents asked…

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