Building an Oasis for Little Kids: The CCF Nursery Renovation

The CCF Nursery is a place for fun, games, laughter and some serious napping. We have over 70 children from 3 months to 4 years old who come and use the CCF nursery each day. They are bathed, clothed, fed by our dedicated staff and love to sing, read and play games.

The nursery building itself, however, was looking a little worse for wear. The harsh Cambodian weather had taken it’s toll and the nursery was in dire need of a little TLC. Despite being painted just last year, the paint on the walls was peeling off, the floor had been well worn by those little feet and the concrete area outside was far too hot for play time.

Sheree and Phil Savage have kindly raised money for the nursery in the memory of their daughter, Amelie. To remember Amelie, the CCF staff banded together and prepared to give the nursery a well deserved renovation to ensure it was a clean, safe and happy environment for our youngest CCF members.

The old paint was stripped and the walls were given a lick of new paint in fun pastel colours to smarten up the rooms. New antibacterial woodgrain flooring was put down to aid hygiene and protect the kids from bumps and falls. Curtains, 18 fans and a “smart board” ceiling were put in to insulate the building and cool it right down for nap time.

Two huge awnings, play equipment and squishy outside flooring was put down to extend the play area and over 40 pot plants brought in to make the nursery outside area a little oasis – and perfect for playing and learning in all kinds of weather.

The older CCF students – who are always keen to help out – put the finishing touches to the walls with some decorative flowers, trees and cartoons.

We also made a special reading corner for Amelie who loved to read, play and had a thirst for learning.

The nursery looks like a new building and we cannot wait to bring babies and toddlers back to see the big changes. There is now plenty of room for them to run and jump about and gain vital strength in their growing bodies.

A big thank you to all the CCF staff who have made this happen. A special thank you to Tarushi, our dedicated Montessori volunteer who made this project happen on time (almost!), to Niradey and Chantou our Childcare staff for your support the whole way through and to our volunteer Lily, CCF students and CCF handymen for jumping in whenever needed and painting your hearts out!

We were so honoured to be able to provide a lasting memory of Amelie, while providing some much needed care for our nursery classes and the area where we care for them each day as they grow.


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