Bikes 4 Life Brings Bicycles to Cambodia

Bikes 4 Life Brings Bicycles to Cambodia

Five hundred kids in Cambodia now have bicycles of their own, thanks to Bikes 4 Life. The organization saw through the delivery of a massive shipping container overseas to the middle of the Cambodian Children’s Fund community where eager recipients waiting for their bicycles.

“It was so exciting and thrilling to give out the bikes to the students and other people in the community. The smiles on the children’s faces made every effort worthwhile,” said Ebony Butler, founder of Bikes 4 Life.

She added, “It was also fantastic to see how people use bicycle in the area. Seeing people with stalls on the back of their bikes, transporting goods, kids with their school books, parents with their children on the back of bikes – it was just amazing and we knew instantly that this project was going to be a worthwhile one.”

For people of all ages, bicycles play an important role in the Cambodian Children’s Fund community. As Ebony saw, bicycles are much more than just a fun way to get around. They’re often the only means of transportation and the easiest way for students to get to class and parents to get to work when taxis and motorbikes are too expensive.

These bikes are particularly practical, as many of them are mountain bikes that can handle the rough roads in Phnom Penh. The shipping container was left behind to be converted to a bicycle repair shop, so that the donating bicycles remain in excellent condition.

Bikes 4 Life began its mission in Uganda before coming to Cambodia for the first shipment. Ebony had visited the country in 2008 before the formation of Bikes 4 Life and was keen to contribute. She found out about CCF and partnered on the bicycle project.

“That is how it began, and we hope to continue supporting CCF and other organizations and groups in the region,” Ebony said

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