An Eye to the Future; top ophthalmologist visits CCF:

Frank Billson has a vision. It involves the blind, it involves Cambodia and it involves CCF.

Frank, Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Sydney and with wide-ranging international clinical experience, is a pioneer in procedures aimed at saving the sight of babies and young children. A particular focus of his work is on early problem spotting – his ideal is examination in the very first weeks of life leading to effective intervention where necessary. His vision is of the integration of effective ophthalmic services with active on-the-ground organizations and he was visiting Cambodia to scope suitable organizations to work with.

Over a 5 day stay he saw CCF patients – over 100 of them – in CCF’s dedicated medical centre in the shadow of the old dump and had plenty of time to deepen his own knowledge of CCF; “To visit CCF and be among the children that have come into its care is to experience a community of possibility and opportunity. The children and their families now have hope and promise of a future.” Scott, for his part, was equally pleased with the experience; “It is always an honor to meet a man who is passionate about his work. Frank is one of the most passionate that I’ve met, and his work to save the sight of those most at-risk is an important cause. I hope that together we can prevent blindness in Cambodia and improve the lives of those people who struggle everyday just to survive.”

Frank left knowing that the first steps towards an eye clinic have been taken and in his own words; “I’ll be back.”


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