A Sponsor Reflects on a Life-Changing Visit

This post was written by Tami, a sponsor of a Cambodian Children’s Fund student who visited Cambodia.

At the end of this summer of 2013 I visited my sponsored daughter Srey Noun. I have struggled writing about my experience because the journey changed my life and it is hard to express in words how much Srey Noun and CCF has done for my spirit and attitude.

People say, “What you are doing for this little girl is so great” and all I think is what she has done for me is so great! I know I have participated in changing her life but it is how she changed mine that is so amazing. When life seems tough, I picture Noun and the other children of CCF who are so full of hope and optimism while having so little and often experiencing unimaginable atrocities, my perspective instantly changes; I remember I am lucky. I picture their smiles and feel their hugs and there isn’t a price on the gift they have given me!

I brought my mother with me on this journey because I think I was scared to meet this beautiful girl I have been sponsoring for 3 years and I was terrified about leaving her. But it was just the opposite. I was overwhelmed by what [CCF founder] Scott Neeson has built for all of these gorgeous children. There is a sense of community at all of the schools, they have medical and psychological treatment, they are being educated every day of the week, they are dancing, they are singing and more then anything the children and the staff are so PROUD, I am PROUD!

Noun and the other children now have the opportunity to accomplish anything. I witnessed my mother and I go through a transformation as we spent time at CCF, we are different people still today; we are better, we see life through these children. We see hope and optimism and my appreciation for everything around me is sweeter because of my experience. And every week that I receive a letter from Meas, my day is brighter and it is my reminder of how fortunate I am to have her in my life. She is my angel. I know this is supposed to be how we are somehow helping others that are less fortunate but it is how it changes you that’s the most amazing gift of all!

I THANK YOU CCF! I thank you for making me a better person and I encourage others to sponsor a child or get involved in CCF. This is a lifetime gift for you and your sponsored child.


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