A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

Anouk with CCF founder Scott Neeson.

This post was contributed by Anouk, a CCF supporter from Australia. Through a bit of luck and happenstance, she decided to sell scarves and donate all proceeds so that CCF kids can have a bus to take to class. Hundreds have been sold already and you can find out more on her Facebook page.

After travelling in Cambodia a few years ago I was left with mixed feelings of love for the country and it’s people and yet a lot of sadness for some of the confronting things I had seen and learnt whilst there. So this year I decided my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ (which I’ve been known to never keep) was to raise some money for a Cambodian charity to give back to this beautiful country.

I was unsure ‘who’ to give my fundraising efforts too and vowed to do some research during my summer break. So I was coming home one Summer’s evening and was compelled to turn on the radio, just 200m from home. I happened to be listening in to the last 5 minutes of an interview with Scott Neeson (founder of CCF). I sat in the driveway listening and thought ‘Wow – CCF sounds like they have a great model for working with the issues of poverty in Cambodia.’ I also felt bemused at what divine intervention had had me switch on the radio at just that moment to catch this interview.

Anyhow, not trusting if divine intervention had chosen the ‘right charity’, I thought I’d best do some further research into CCF and I was sold! So the next decision was, how much did I want to raise? I had succeeded in raising $1000 here and there for other charities over the years, so I looked up CCF’s site to see what $1,000 could buy and came across the need for busses for $20K, I took a deep breath and said to my best friend ‘Alrighty – this is a bit insane, but I’m going to try and raise $20K to buy a bus’. He said “I have absolutely no doubt in you that you’ll manage it.”

Now that I had verbalised it out loud to my friend I thought, right I better do it now! I have a friend who runs a charity that helps disabled women in Nepal make a living. I struck a deal with her to buy hand woven scarves from her at wholesale prices. Bought 900 of them and have been selling them for $20 to anyone and everyone – even my gynaecologist! $10 from each scarf goes to CCF. In just 4-months, with the help of friends, I have sold 756 of them! So along with these sales, some stalls at local markets, donations from friends and even selling eggs from my chooks to colleagues at work I have raised roughly $8,600 to date.

The hard part of this fundraiser is starting to set in now though, I’m starting to struggle a little for ‘fresh ideas’ for how to make the $11,400 still outstanding but I like to believe that some kind of ‘divine intervention’ will come and provide me with the answers again when I need them. If anyone out there in Australia (ideally Melbourne) would like to get on board and help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me via my Facebook Fundraising Page called: CCF Fundraiser – A bit of fuss for a bus. or email me at: [email protected].

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Neeson himself in Melbourne last week and am absolutely resolved that this is a New Years Resolution that I’m going to keep and possibly renew each year. It’s funny how life works though. Giving to CCF has given back to me 100 fold in the beautiful like-minded people I have met in the process of spreading CCF’s virtues and selling the scarves. I had moved to a new town just last year and was still feeling very disconnected to my community and had only 1-friend in the area. Fundraising for CCF however has opened up a whole community of beautiful people to me who are now quickly becoming good friends. This fundraising has not only given me a whole new circle of friends but it has also given me a wonderful sense of purpose and joy in my life that I am doing something good for my fellow man. Scott and CCF Staff, I think you’re ALL just super-stars!

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