600th Maternal Care Baby Born

Jan. 2, 2014 – It was almost exactly a year ago that Samnang, the 400th child in our Maternal Care Program, was born. On Dec. 24, another milestone was reached when Channa gave birth to Rith, weighing in at a healthy 3.1 kgs. Rith is the 600th child born in the Maternal Care Program. There has not been a single maternal death since the inception of the program.

Steung Meanchey once suffered from a high maternal death rate estimated at about 8 percent. That was then, and now mothers are given what they need in order to ensure a health pregnancy. In the pre-natal phase, the future mothers are given a health check and a care regime. Throughout the pregnancy, the women are given nutritious food, supplements and clean drinking water. Education and training to ensure the baby’s health is also provided, as is transportation and rice to compensate for any lost wages. Health professionals work to deliver the baby in a quality clinic. If needed, an immediate transfer to a nearby hospital is provided.

With each pregnancy, we provide a “Welcome Home Baby” kit to provide a few items for the new addition to the family. In this case, we added a little extra for the family. It’s a little thing, but our staff – with help from her husband – renovated her house with a new screen, window, cabinet and bed to ensure the comfort of the little one. She was totally surprised when she got home. Congratulations Channa!

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