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kid_funnyTragically, a life of extreme poverty often goes hand-in-hand with extreme social problems, such as violence, alcoholism and substance abuse, making it impossible for little ones to live at home with their parents. For us to provide the best possible physical and emotional care, we occasionally have to remove children from high-risk, dangerous situations. We do not take the decision to remove children from their families lightly and only do so in the most dire of circumstances. Our reward for this heartbreaking decision is watching the child thrive and grow in our residential care.

Living at one of our centres allows these kids security they've never known, an education, a healthy diet and, most importantly, a life of respect and dignity. With counselling, peer support and an environment where children can explore their strengths, fears and issues, they start to build their new life from the moment they arrive.

And, of course, we don't just concentrate on the child. We work with the parents to address the family's problems and see how we can make real changes to their whole lives.

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