Experienced Education Specialist

Focus: Education
Commitment: 3+ months

The role

We are looking for experienced and qualified educators to support the development of our teaching team and school management staff. From Early Years Education, through to Primary and Secondary, including STEM and arts programs, we are looking for volunteers who can help advise and develop our teaching team’s capacity along internationalized standards. Our volunteers work alongside their local counterparts in a close partnership to increase their knowledge and understanding, and share professional experiences.

We are open to candidates from all professional backgrounds and specialisms, including (but not limited to):

  • Special needs
  • Early Years
  • Sciences
  • Computing
  • Literacy

Activities can include:

  • Co-teaching
  • Developing curriculum activities
  • Developing and delivering teacher training
  • Developing hands-on activities for students
  • Working in collaboration with a local team of teachers


  • Education Management Team
  • Local teachers
  • CCF students


Each volunteer will receive specialized goals tailored to their background and the team they are placed with. Overall, our education volunteers contribute towards:

  • Increased understanding of teaching methods and how to implement them in the classroom
  • Increased knowledge of international curriculums
  • Confidence in teaching advanced materials



  • Degree/qualification in Education or teaching


  • 5+ years’ experience in teaching and education
  • Experience of working in low-resource contexts is desirable

Desirable additional skill

The recruiting panel will need to feel confident that the successful candidate understands the CCF values and demonstrates associated behaviors.

  • Able to demonstrate CCF values in day-to-day work
  • Work well in a team, particularly within different cultures
  • Motivated self-starter
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Report on expected outcomes of placement activities and share any produced materials with CCF


At CCF we care for a lot of children and their families, but we also care about you. To ensure that everyone is safe we require all volunteers to provide:

  • A federal level police screening from your country of residence to ensure you are safe to work with children
  • Two references we can contact for additional background checks
  • Copy of your valid passport
  • A passport photo
  • Proof of your relevant qualifications
  • Health insurance for the duration of your placement at CCF (medical evacuation coverage at a minimum)

How To Apply

Personal details

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Volunteer availability

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Supporting documents

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Child Protection Policy (EN) / (KH)