Kindergarten Phonics Trainer

Focus: Education, Early Years
Commitment: Full-time

The role

The Kindergarten is looking for support in developing knowledge and resources for teaching phonics, and would like a volunteer who can help their teachers in the classroom. They will be responsible for training our teachers how to teach phonics to students, co-teaching, preparing training modules, and making teaching materials, so that the classrooms are well resourced and teachers are well knowledged.

Activities can include:

  • Observing classes
  • Co-teaching and demo teaching with Kindergarten teachers
  • Planning and running training sessions with Kindergarten teachers
  • Prepare teaching modules (Phonics and related subjects)
  • Make teaching materials to support phonics
  • One on one support with students as needed


  • Kindergarten teachers
  • Early Years Education Manager
  • School Manager
  • CCF Kindergarten students
  • Wider CCF Education team


  • Students will have improved abilities
  • Classrooms will have new resources
  • Teachers will have new understandings of how to use resources
  • Teachers will be able to teach phonics in a number of different and new ways, resulting in students identifying letters and the sounds they make when reading a book, matching pictures to words (“There is a cat, there is a dog…”), and getting students to identify rhyming words (CAT, SAT, MAT, BAT, FAT, FLAT etc.)


  • Be knowledgeable and experienced in teaching phonics
  • Be open minded and flexible
  • Be able to volunteer at least 3 months

The recruiting panel will need to feel confident that the successful candidate understands the CCF values and demonstrates associated behaviors.

  • Able to demonstrate CCF values in day-to-day work
  • Work well in a team, particularly within different cultures
  • Motivated self-starter
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Report on expected outcomes of placement activities and share any produced materials with CCF


At CCF we care for a lot of children and their families- but we also care about you. To ensure that everyone is safe we require all confirmed volunteers to provide the following before they arrive at CCF:

  • A federal level police screening from your country of residence to ensure you are safe to work with children
  • Two references we can contact for additional background checks
  • Copy of your valid passport
  • A passport photo
  • Proof of your relevant qualifications
  • Travel Insurance for the duration of your placement at CCF (medical evacuation coverage at a minimum)


Apply by filling out the Volunteer Application form below.

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