August 29th, 2016

For 5 years Cambodian Children’s Fund (“CCF”), its founder Scott Neeson, and many staff have been the target of an online campaign of false allegations orchestrated by James Ricketson. Mr Ricketson has a long history of harassing charities and other organisations and has already been convicted and given a two year suspended sentence for blackmailing a charity in Cambodia, as well as being arrested in Australia for harassing another organisation. CCF is setting the record straight now in order to protect its hard-earned reputation.

His attacks on CCF began after an incident in 2011 when he arrived, without prior notice, at a CCF facility, asking to see a particular ten year old girl and requesting contact with the girl’s family. In accordance with CCF’s Child Protection Policy, he was denied access. He has since written over 120 blogs repeating several false allegations and insinuations against CCF, Scott Neeson and others he believes to be involved in a “conspiracy” spanning Thailand, Cambodia and the UK.

Mr Ricketson’s role as “advocate for a convicted rapist”

Many of Mr Ricketson’s blogs attacking Scott Neeson and CCF are linked to his adopted role as “advocate for a convicted rapist named David Fletcher”. Mr Fletcher, “a notorious British paedophile” was convicted of child sex offences in the UK before moving to Cambodia to establish an unregistered children’s NGO in Phnom Penh. He was convicted by Cambodian authorities for the rape of a 16 year old girl in 2013.

Mr Fletcher was arrested in Phnom Penh after “Cambodian police built up a file of evidence showing that Fletcher had used his charity to groom young girls – and also their families – with the intention of having sex with them“. Due to the fact Scott Neeson had registered concerns after a 17 year old CCF student became “engaged” to Mr Fletcher (in his 60s at the time), Mr Ricketson falsely alleged that Mr Neeson had become involved in a conspiracy against Mr Fletcher. Mr Ricketson has agitated over many years for Mr Fletcher to be released from jail, consistently and falsely blaming Scott Neeson for his imprisonment. An officer of the UK’s Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has publicly denounced Mr Ricketson’s “ongoing deranged views on those who would protect the world from child abusers.”

Past victims of Ricketson’s campaigns

Mr Ricketson has led many other campaigns involving threats and false accusations against organisations, including Citipointe Church, Screen Australia, the British Embassy, NSW Health and the UK Foreign Secretary. See more information about these campaigns.

CCF is as open to accountability and transparency as it was when it initially responded to Mr Ricketson’s false allegations in 2014. Please see a fuller account of Mr Ricketson’s 5 year campaign against Cambodian Children’s Fund, a detailed history of his various online campaigns, and a list of false allegations he has made against CCF, alongside the actual facts.

To date, CCF has chosen not to litigate against Mr Ricketson. Mr Ricketson’s blogs attract such a low readership and are so obviously lacking in credibility that CCF does not believe they merit spending large sums on lawyers, funds which its donors expect to be spent on programs supporting impoverished Cambodian children.