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Extreme poverty is diabolical for a community. Alcohol, drugs and desperation take over, triggering social problems, especially domestic violence. A husband arrives home drunk. His wife picks up a knife to defend herself. Stabbings, bashings and assaults on children are common. At our Community Centre, a recent case involved a mother and daughter who had been the victims of an acid attack, permanently scarring them both. People like this, already in desperate poverty and now besieged by terror, need a refuge. They have the right to feel safe, to start again.

Our Emergency Shelter and Support Program rescues people in most urgent need. People from the local community, usually women and children, know they will be taken in here when they're in danger or have reached rock bottom. We have two rooms at one of our centres where a family can come and sleep at night while our security guards patrol the compound. The next morning we provide counselling either on site or at a hospital. And if the mother wants to file a complaint we help her navigate the legal system. CCF also rents 'safe' houses to offer temporary accommodation to people in most need. Additionally, we provide some support such as rice and cash.