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When we began, our world revolved around 45 youngsters. Today we care for nearly 2,000 kids, and we've extended our services to provide for their families and communities in crisis.

Our Community Outreach Program does exactly as its name suggests: reaches out to communities in need and brings new hope to children and families who've been discarded and deserted. We know that if CCF children are to fully prosper, their roots and relationships need nurturing too. So our programs cater for their families and extended communities: from poor, ill adults to the old and vulnerable and people stuck in a cycle of substance abuse.

We created the CCF Community Centre in late 2007 to provide reliable care within and for the Steung Meanchey community. People living around the former dump site can access our community outreach, which provides all basic needs ranging from food and fresh water to family assistance, counselling and advocacy.