To celebrate the first anniversary of CCF’s new school, the Neeson Cripps Academy (NCA), Microsoft APAC have generously announced an employee matching fundraising campaign to run for the month of March, 2018.

Microsoft APAC will match employee donations up to a total of $10,000 SGD – setting a target of $20,000 SGD for the month long employee fundraiser.




For the children of CCF education provides hope, opportunity and security, and is their pathway out of poverty. With a solid education, their potential is limitless – the reason why it’s CCF’s greatest priority.

CCF’s education program far exceeds that provided by the Cambodian Public School system and is monitored regularly by international education professionals to guarantee the curriculum is delivered in line with international education standards.

Less than a minutes walk from the former garbage dump in Steung Meanchey now proudly stands the NCA, the culmination of 12 years of work developing education opportunities and a healthier community for some of Cambodia’s poorest children.



The NCA provides high quality education opportunities through enhanced learning spaces and a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. A school where the teaching and learning environment has been designed especially to be conducive to critical thinking, and to offer a healthy and environmentally sustainable space.

Although on some days the school can appear like an entrepreneurial incubator, the real “business” is facilitating students personal development. The ultimate success being them transitioning from CCF schooling to real world leadership and productivity.

This advanced learning centre will also focus on teacher training. Not just CCF teachers, but educators from the whole country, essential to building capacity and producing quality education for all Cambodian children. The NCA offers a real opportunity to effectively enhance Cambodia’s education quality across all levels, from primary to graduate school.



To ensure your donation is directed to the Microsoft APAC Employee Fundraiser campaign, please add the following campaign code in the comments section when filling out the donation form.



The NCA provides a high-quality education that includes a robust STEM program, English language training, and access to the latest digital technologies and the global classroom through eLearning connectivity.

The classrooms and project rooms are flexible teaching and learning spaces for engagement in a variety of subject areas. The larger spaces are for collaborative class work, smaller spaces for quiet study periods.

Class rooms are fit-out for up to 25 students, with all rooms with online connectivity, teacher stations which include computer, projector, and speakers for integrating digital technology across the curriculum.

Fundraising Target $20,000

Transforming Cambodia's Most Impoverished Kids Into Tomorrow's Leaders with the help of Microsoft.