Cambodian Children’s Fund transforms the country’s most impoverished kids into tomorrow’s leaders, by delivering education, family support and community development programs into the heart of Cambodia’s most impoverished communities. Today more than 2,000 students are working towards a better future for themselves and their families through CCF’s award-winning education program.

Our partnership with 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox and Cambodian Children’s Fund have been in partnership for many years. This will be the 8th year that the attendees at the LA Screenings will receive a gift bag. These bags – sourced by CCF – have historically been made out of recycled bags left over from the rice harvest. This harvest is the backbone of Cambodia’s rural economy, with a large proportion of the population relying on it to survive.


$100 a month sees that a child is enrolled into school, feeds the child and their family and covers basic medical costs.

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$200 a month provides education, nutritional support, medical support and housing support for the families in the community.

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$500 a month helps children and their families in emergency situations. Providing critical nutrition, shelter, food and cash support for families in crisis, and a plan to get them back on their feet

Donate $500

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Along with traditional donations, CCF also appreciates help in other forms. CCF is seeking PSAs and any airtime to bring awareness to our model. An introduction to your ad sales or programmers would be of help in raising awareness of CCF’s ground-breaking work in Cambodia.